April 29, 2010

The vote factories are humming

While it is illegal to publish postal voting figures before the close of the election Labour is doing it anyway, Labour obviously don't have to follow the same legal standards as everybody else it seems. First they were published by the official Labour candidate for the constituency, then repeated by Labour supporters. Another oddity is that the number of votes that they are saying that Labour are getting from this part of our electoral system that would disgrace a banana republic (as the judge investigating Labour's last voting fraud scheme said) is way out of line with what you would expect from the current national polls. I'm not talking out of line by the margin or error either. This is hugely different. It is almost as if Labour has been running vote factories (again) and they have over done it to the levels normally only found in third world dictatorships. Since Labour have put these numbers out there I guess they are in the public domain so this is what I mean by out of line with the polls:

Labour’s tweeted postal results
Lab: 79.57%
Con: 11.97%
LD: 8.45%

This compares to the 2005 results in the same constituency of
Lab: 45.91%
Con: 21.06%
LD: 25.24%

There is no way that kind of massive swing to Labour has occoured. 13 years of Labour and this is what they have reduced the country to: a bankrupt, authoritarian, banana republic, but without the good weather.


Blogger Not a sheep said...

I and others have long predicted that Labour would try, and possibly succeed, to steal this election via the medium of postal votes.

1:24 pm  

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